A Sacred Space

Chose a special place in your home for your framed photo of your Inner Child: 

  • A small table
  • A dresser or nightstand in your bedroom
  • A quiet area that doesn’t get much foot-traffic
  • A meditation space


Adorn the space with items that are meaningful to you:

  • Images of healing beings (Buddha, Jesus, Kwan-Yin), angels, or other spirit guides
  • Symbols or totems
  • Cloths or textiles that you like
  • Sacred stones
  • Plants or flowers
  • Candles or incense


Make offerings as often as it feels right by bringing this little child in the picture presents as a way to honor and cherish him/her/them, such as: 

  • A flower
  • Another item from nature: a special leaf, feather, rock/gemstone
  • A small toy
  • Anything else that denotes your love for this child


Create a ritual (daily or weekly) to connect with your inner child by spending time with her/him/them:

  • Set aside ten to fifteen minutes to sit quietly and gaze at your younger self in the image, or close your eyes and visualize your inner child.
  • Breathe. Be with them.
  • You may place a hand over your heart and a hand over your belly, offering warmth and gentle touch to your little self within.
  • Take your time. Make space for them to communicate with you.
  • Affirm her/him/them.


Allow yourself to experience the reverence, admiration, tenderness, compassion, or appreciation that arise over time from within for this child.