Create & Play

Creativity and Play are important vehicles for self-expression and self-understanding.

Here are a few ways to reconnect with your Inner Child:


Make A Vision Board:

You’ll Need: several magazines, scissors, glue/glue stick or tape, a piece of card-stock/cardboard/a small poster-board

Set an intention to create something your Inner Child would love or something(s) that your Inner Child would like to manifest and choose images and words that speak to that intention.

Allow yourself to dream big and have fun!


Buy a Toy:

Take yourself to a store that sells toys or look online.

  • Is there a toy that you loved to play with as a child?
  • Or a toy that you would like to play with now?

Treat yourself to this item and take the time to enjoy playing with it.  Allowing yourself to be spontaneous and silly and imaginative!


Paint or Draw:

You’ll Need: paints, pastels, markers, colored pencils, or any other medium, a paintbrush (if painting), and a canvas (of any kind) or piece of paper


Tune in to the feelings of your Inner Child and paint or draw those feelings.

For a fun challenge, you can use your non-dominant hand and allow yourself to intuitively choose the colors, shapes, or design.

Use your imagination and welcome spontaneity and imperfection!


Music, Dance, and Writing:

Choose a song that has meaning for you related to your Inner Child. Listen to the song and allow yourself to move intuitively to the music. You may choose to “dance the feelings” that you feel as you do so.

Create a song for your Inner Child with your favorite instrument or by writing the lyrics or a poem.

You may choose to tell the story of your childhood with your body through Authentic Movement.