Becoming aware of how aware we really are can be useful information.  Psychological ailments, body illnesses, and intuition are all things that can be altered by our ability to focus our attention and attend to our Selves.

The Kentucky Inventory of Mindfulness Skills, or KIMS, was created in 2004 at the University of Kentucky with scales designed to measure four types of mindfulness that its creators identified in the literature on mindfulness.

This assessment of mindfulness is based on self-report using thirty-nine statements.   The taker rates each statement based on their experience along a continuum from ‘always’ to ‘never’ true.  I found that it took about 15 minutes to take.

The four types of mindfulness being measured are:

Observing This aspect of mindfullness is related to observing, noticing or attending to various stimuli including internal phenomena (cognitions, bodily sensations) and external phenomena (sounds, smells).

Describing This aspect of mindfullness involves participant describing, labelling, or noting of observed phenomena by applying words in a nonjudgmental way.

Acting With Awareness This aspect of mindfullness involves being attentive and engaging fully in one’s current activity.

Accepting Without Judgment This aspect of mindfullness involves allowing reality or what is there, to be as it is without judging, avoiding, changing, or escaping it.

Take the Kentucky Inventory of Mindfulness Skills

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