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Spirituality Need Not Be Grandiose…

I recently read Thomas Moore‘s 1992 New York Times Bestseller, Care of the Soul. A great book about the loss of focus on the soul in modern times, this book is rich with ideas about the lack of imagination and reverence for the mystery of life that have contributed to this unfortunate state. Luckily, Moore also includes many ideas for restoration and ways in which we can reconnect with our Selves and our soul’s purpose. The above quote is just one of many that resonated with me in my reading… stay tuned as I am likely to share more words of wisdom from this book as I continue to let the ideas linger in my mind and soul. I highly recommend this book!

In my private psychotherapy practice in Asheville, NC, I incorporate the ideas and practices of transpersonal counseling. It is my greatest pleasure to work with individuals as they do the ‘soul’s work’ of discovering their own spirituality, learning to listen to and value one’s own intuition and imagery. ┬áTranspersonal encounters relate to those life experiences that transcend, or move us beyond, the individual human experience and relate to a larger sense of connection to others, nature, and the universe.