It has been a month since I had my son, and over the course of the past several months, I have gotten way out-of-touch with my meditation practice.

Today, while I was scanning through my Facebook news feed, I stumbled upon this 30 minute Loving Kindness guided meditation by Sharon Salzberg, a Buddhist teacher who often leads courses at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, located in Woodacre, CA and founded by Jack Kornfield. While living in California several years ago I had the pleasure of taking several courses at Spirit Rock and learned much from the teachers there.

With the baby sleeping (luckily!), it was easy to get myself on the floor with a throw pillow and find my meditation seat. Listening to and practicing this Metta meditation quickly brought me back to the importance of my practice. I particularly liked the creative aspect of Sharon’s asking ‘what four things do you wish for yourself in this life?’

What do you wish for yourself?