But what about finding love? What about just getting your foot in the door to that type of connection? For some people, it seems incredibly easy. We all know of high-school sweethearts, or the couples that effortlessly met through family or friends… but what about when it’s not so easy? Or when it becomes a huge struggle? Or when we lose faith that we will ever have a romantic connection?

Jenn FieldmannBased on the bestselling book “Calling In The One” by psychotherapist Katherine Thomas, clinical therapist Jenn Fieldmann is starting a seven week group for men and women on the path of finding romantic love. A wonderful opportunity to connect with others, deepen your understanding of the obstacles you might be facing, and explore how you can begin to manifest your soulmate, this group is going to rock!

The group will be offered from 6-8 on Monday evenings, starting on February 8, 2016, and the total cost for all seven weeks is $100. Check out the flier!

For more information contact Jenn Fieldman, LPC. 



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