Yesterday was May 4th, a date which in recent years come to be known as “Star Wars Day” thanks to it’s phonetic likeness to the infamous message portrayed in the Star Wars films “May The Force (May the Fourth) Be With You.”

Although I grew up amid the burgeoning cultural phenomenon that was the Star Wars trilogy, the love affair with the films passed me by in my youth. As an adult, however, I have gotten to know the three original films, in addition to the prequels and the recent movie The Force Awakens, and I must admit, I have fallen hard for this epic tale.

While I’m not a huge fan of battle-scenes and the futuristic beings, modes of transport, or weaponry that get others excited about this saga, the philosophy edified by the great teacher Yoda struck a deep chord within. The underlying messages of letting go, sharing wisdom, embracing the present moment, and setting aside all other thoughts to ‘search your feelings’ for what is true are teachings I value both as a student of meditation and psychotherapist.

Check out this great article by Ali Mattu, PhD that further explores the link between Buddhist practice of mindfulness and the Star Wars saga: Mindfulness is the Essential Psychology of the Star Wars Universe 

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