Couples Therapy

To enter into a committed relationship with another person takes heart.

To sustain a loving long-term connection takes skill.

I work with couples who are in need of support, direction, insight, or tools.

Gaining clarity on our attachment style, expectations, and patterns of relating can help us immensely.

Once we can clearly see how we might be contributing to the negative dynamics, we are free to make new choices.

When we understand ourselves better, we often need support to gain new skill sets and move in healthier directions with ourselves and our partners.

What's Your Pattern?

Are you and your partner stuck in a pattern of relating? Perhaps one where there is an avoider and a pursuer? A parent and a child? A giver and a receiver? A decision-maker and a passive participant? Identifying the pattern between you can be a first step toward exploring the dynamic that is at play.

Know Your Needs

Even if you don’t know what you need, or you deny having any needs, you are still making efforts (even subconsciously) to get your needs met. I’m here to tell you that It’s OK to Have Needs! Knowing what you need is half the battle. Collaborating and compromising with your partner to get each of your needs met can be a huge contributor to relationship satisfaction.

Vulnerability is Required

Admitting to someone that you’re hurt as a result of an interaction, or feeling rejected after making a bid for their attention went south is hard. Being vulnerable and letting your partner what’s really going on is imperative if there is to be emotional intimacy in your connection.

Communicate Effectively

Not all communication is effective. Sometimes we fail to listen. Sometimes we stop sharing our true feelings. Communication can be harmful, confusing, and passive-aggressive.  Learning how to communicate in ways that are kind, clear, and considerate takes awareness and care.

I work with couples navigating their relationships.

Love is love.

All are welcome.

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