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As a psychotherapist in Asheville, North Carolina, I work with individuals dealing with challenging life situations. Some people have one main issue that is creating difficulty in their lives, for others, there are many struggles with which they are dealing at any given point. I am happy to work with you wherever you are on your journey. My aim to to assist you in identifying and removing obstacles that prevent you from living a life that you love or being the person you aspire to be.

I am here to support you in exploring what is happening in your life, making sense of things, and choosing an intentional path forward.

By listening to you and getting clarity, I will offer you feedback or other suggestions on how you might move things forward in your life. That could look like speaking up, setting boundaries, finding acceptance, or discovering something new about yourself, some bit of insight that can deepen your self-understanding.

I work with clients both in-person in my office in downtown Asheville and online with clients anywhere in the state of North Carolina.  

Client Focus

Healthcare Professionals

Artists & Creatives of All Kinds 


Professors & Teachers 

Corporate Executives

Restauranteurs & Service Industry Professionals


IT Professionals


Stay at Home Parents


Anyone experiencing a life transition or seeking to heal from traumatic experiences

Anyone seeking to improve their relationships with Self or others


Clinical areas of expertise:

Life Patterns


As children we learn how to survive in our families of origin; the families in which we are raised. Every individual within a family unit has their own set of needs, abilities, weaknesses, and strengths. As such, we learn from those around us, most particularly our parents, about how to get along with others as well as how to stay loved and safe.

When what we were once taught no longer serves us in our relationships we often find ourselves caught in a web of patterned behavior that we can feel stuck in. 

These patterns are called Schemas. Without support and guidance shifting out of those patterns can seem impossible. Together, we can work toward clarity and positive change.

Unresolved Childhood Trauma


Early childhood neglect and emotional abuse leave long-lasting scars. As adults, anxiety, depression, self-doubt, and chronic guilt are just a few of the potential manifestations of these early wounds.

When parental needs come first in a family system and the child’s needs are usurped, the family is considered narcissistic. A parent need not fit a clinical definition of narcissism, although this is often the case.

I work with adults of all ages who struggle with the echoes of early childhood trauma including difficulty with people-pleasing, co-dependency, and unsatisfying relationships. Learn more about the different types of narcissism here. 

Individual Counseling for Men


Men have a unique set of challenges in our Western culture. In my individual counseling practice, I work with men of all ages to explore what authenticity really means for them. 

A lack of communication skills or true understanding of one’s own emotional landscape (or what to do with those emotions!) are common themes for many men. Together, we can target your particular areas of concern and problem-solve ways to facilitate progress.

Highly Sensitive Women

As women, we often have the unique challenges of being the emotional and relational stewards in our families. We can take on the hard work of emotional labor in our relationships and often fail to put ourselves first. For those of us who feel deeply, we can struggle to find our own voices, access our own needs, and tend to our own psyches.

Being highly sensitive in a world that values extroversion, speed, and productivity can feel overwhelming. I can help you to find your voice, your value, and tend to your unique needs

My Style of Psychotherapy is:


The working relationship that we have together and our connection is of utmost importance.

I value your input about how you feel about working together and our working dynamic.


A way of working together that invites you to have a new experience of yourself. This can include:

  • ventilating repressed emotions (sadness, anger, hurt)
  • increasing your self-awareness
  • practicing interpersonal skills such as boundary-setting and assertiveness
  • healing past trauma using the power of your imagination


In individual counseling, we are co-operating with one another in order to clarify what our focus is, and how to best accomplish your personal goals for therapy.

Working closely together, we can achieve your aims of healing and personal growth.

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