Dream Work in Asheville


Exploring your dreams can lead to a treasure trove of insights and fresh perspectives on your waking-life situation.

In the Jungian tradition, I work with dreams in order to facilitate communication between your conscious mind and your unconscious mind. According to Carl Jung, dreams serve a “compensatory function.” They are messages from your unconscious serving to compensate for your consciously held beliefs or ideas about your present life situation. Oftentimes, these unconscious perspectives are quite contrary to what you choose to think and are well outside your realm of awareness.

Using an intuitive approach and a four-step dream inquiry process, I will guide you through your dream with curiosity and non-judgment. Together, we will look at each part of your dream and investigate the settings, people, symbols, dynamics, and themes that your dreams represent. Prepare to be surprised! Dreams often catch us off-guard with their humor, imagery, and “aha!” moments.


Dream work in Asheville exploration sessions are either in-person in my Asheville office or online via Doxy. 


Dreams speak to us using their native tongue. Symbolism is how large amounts of information gets condensed into a single image. A big part of exploring your dreams is unpacking those symbols. Keep in mind: what one image means for you may not be what it means to someone else, so put away the “dream dictionary” if you want to get to the heart of what these symbols mean for you.


Sometimes when we have a dream about someone we know we mistake the dream to be about them, but that is rarely the case. Your dream is about you. How do you relate to the symbols and qualities being expressed by the characters in your dream? What part of you do they represent?


The Message

What is your dream trying to communicate? Tuning into the overall message of the dream may lead you toward a deeper understanding of yourself, challenge you to update long-held beliefs or lead to a more holistic way of life.


Integrating the dream’s message into your daily life sends a powerful message back to the unconscious that you are listening and you are open to the wisdom of your unconscious. Cultivating this relationship between the conscious and unconscious can be a deeply satisfying, meaningful and spiritual experience.

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