Whole Self Therapy Modalities

One of the most common questions I get from potential clients is “what are the types of modalities you use in your work?”

The short answer: my style is eclectic, integrative, and holistic. 

The long answer: my style is informed by some of the great theories in psychology, including the following. 

  • attachment theory 
  • parts work (multiplicity of Self)
  • the idea that imagination is imperative in the healing process
  • Buddhist philosophy
  • sex-positivity
  • bringing the unconscious material in our psyches into our conscious awareness has powerful healing benefits
  • trauma is stored in the physical and emotional body 
  • we use the coping skills we do today because, at one time, they kept us psychologically safe
  • self-awareness is a key to changing patterns of behavior
  • self-compassion is another key to changing patterns of behavior
  • it’s the therapeutic relationship that heals, beyond any one specific technique
  • insight, followed by action are both requirements to create lasting change
  • it takes courage to heal


Finding practices that bring us a sense of calm, soothing or peace is part of the work of adulthood.

Here is an offering to assist you in that endeavor.

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