A great article highlighting the many research studies being done on Mindfulness Meditation and its benefits was published in this week’s The Atlantic.  Because of the effects that meditation has on the brain and our emotions, I incorporate this practice with many of the individuals I work with in my private psychotherapy practice. Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the article, and a link to read the full article is below:

  • “Your mind will inevitably wander, which is where the mindfulness aspect comes in. Instead of growing frustrated with your lack of focus or getting caught up in the web of your thoughts, you train yourself to observe the thought or emotion with acceptance and curiosity, and to calmly bring your focus back to the breath.”
  • “Researchers suggest that the practice allows us to develop a stronger command over the machinery of the mind, a dexterity which, according to a study released this week, stays with you long after you finish meditating.”
  • “The disassociation between our thoughts and our identity is the final mechanism through which mindfulness meditation is said to function.”

Read the full article: How Meditation Works by Liz Kulze

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