Tara Brach, author of Radical Acceptance and well-known Buddhist Meditation teacher and Clinical Psychologist had an article published in the Huffington Post which I recently stumbled across and loved. Do you have beliefs about yourself or the world that prevent you from living a life you love, or being the person you want to be?

Using information about how our brains work, including our survival instincts to encode perceived dangers in our environment, Brach explains how we come to have negative beliefs.

… But how to we begin to let go of these debilitating and limiting thoughts? Brach suggests 2 key steps:


  1. “By training ourselves to recognize the fear-thinking in our minds. In the moments of mindfully noting fear thoughts (you can mentally whisper ‘fear-thinking’) there is a little space between us and our beliefs. This space gives us the opportunity to discover that the thoughts and underlying beliefs are ‘real but not true.”
  2.  “If, rather than subscribing to beliefs as truth, we can connect with the actuality of our present-moment experience, we directly weaken this trance. We take refuge in presence by moving our attention from thoughts to the felt sense of our body’s experience. As we rest our attention in our moment-to-moment experience, our aliveness, intelligence and innate compassion naturally shine through.”


Read the full article here:

Loosening the Grip of Core and Limiting Beliefs


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